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In January, it was the first anniversary of the WeChat payment service in Taiwan. Walking in the streets of Taipei, you will find that WeChat payments in Taiwan quickly realized the leap from the end of the payment of the terminal in all areas of food and clothing. In Taipei Lutheran business circle, many businessmen have a microblogging account to pay the eye-catching logo. A reporter in a salsa shop to meet a female tourists from the mainland. When she confirmed that you can pay the WeChat, took out the phone, skillfully scan to complete the payment. She told reporters that the WeChat paid less out of the cash with cash, exchange of trouble, convenience, peace of mind.

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WeChat payment in Taiwan’s popularity is only a case where China’s third-party payment companies are competing to market outside the mainland. With the enthusiasm of overseas tourism and consumption in recent years, the two major domestic payment companies – WeChat marketing and pay treasure also began to actively force overseas, in the global “Happy Valley enclosure”, which will be enthusiastic about domestic consumers move Payments extend to overseas.

British “Financial Times” to provide market data show that last year, China Mobile to pay the scale of the United States nearly 50 times. Thus, in this market, which is seen as a gateway to the “financial technology” ecosystem, Chinese Internet companies have a strong position. And firmly occupy the leading edge of the domestic market, the WeChat to pay, Alipay, led by third-party payment companies began to focus on overseas markets, cross-border payment to become a new battle for each battle. In December 2016, the UK market leading overseas tuition payment company myMoney officially launched a strategic cooperation with Tencent, will be WeChat payment into the UK’s daily consumer market, together for the British overseas Chinese and businesses to provide WeChat payment service. In the near future, spending in the UK like a domestic payment with microcredges will become a reality.

In the case of the founder of the company, the first hero is a WeChat red envelope, he wrote in the article published in the Financial Times: “Let the red card from the banknotes into the electronic currency, but also the red envelope The entrance and traffic, firmly grasp the system in the WeChat. Turned out to ‘WeChat red envelope’, the Ali system was caught by surprise, known as the ‘pearl Harbor attack.’ WeChat payment also take this, in one fell swoop bound billion Users, and then in the market a firm foothold. WeChat payment can now and Alipay contend, ‘WeChat red envelopes’ made a contribution. “Since the 2014 Spring Festival launch, WeChat red envelopes has been rapidly rising, to speed up the rapid payment of WeChat in the country.